27 Portia – Humble & Single Cute – Wish to meet any serious man and needs a man for marriage-Real Man 30 and above –take My Number for Free

Rich Blesser Rich Blesser Pretoria

Rule Number 1: I give extra ordinary love so those who give up quickly please don’t click , I need a man with a big one and lasts longer and great

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Free online dating presence Portia from South Africa, she is looking for a man who is serious for marriage. He must be from South Africa, Lesotho or Zimbabwe. He should be on WhatsApp – Free online dating

 WhatsApp me and we discuss the way forward – that’s the beginning of a new journey in life -Curious artistic-minded explorer seeking out mutual meaningful relationships. I have a particular fondness for heavy metal, classical, jazz, cinematic music (learning to play guitar & keyboard) singing, theatre, animals

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If you are really seriously ready for marriage with me you are the right candidate, If you are in Durban Pretoria, Johannesburg or Lesotho Myself I am in Ready for You – and ready to give you love

CHOOSE THIS ONE   Keisha, 35, Pretoria- If you pick me as your sugar mama, I will teach you my secrets on how I became a man. We can exchange WhatsApp numbers on SATESPACE.

You must be rich, very-very rich so that we can join our riches to enjoy. If you have a car it’s an advantage but if don’t have there is no problem. 

Myself I like going out and having funny always, removing clothes my hobby. I need someone who is smart. He should be very very smart and I must be able to suck you anytime I want.

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Open-minded, Willing to learn and take chances.. Will  talk much once  in contact. I love spending time indoors as much I love it outdoors. I value honest friendship and I’m a bit shy. I really don’t know my height,

I’m a independent lady, I believe in love at first sight. I want someone who Will travel the world for me I been told I have a great smile. I have 2 dimples Just treat me right and we would be fine

CHOOSE THIS ONE   Stella, 40, East London- It's not too late to contact me on SATESPACE. I'm not anyone's sugar mum yet. I will give you my WhatsApp number.

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My Direct WhatsApp  Is >>>>> +27 63 207 3396

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This is serious; please don’t try it if you are not after marriage. I will thank those who like it. I will sponsor.

Unquestionably with clear-headed habits –Especially a Christian – We should build organised and start new life

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This time you will enjoy than ever before and you will testify about us as well. To add on you need to choose from the list.

CHOOSE THIS ONE   Sharon (35), Bloemfontein-You wanna have the best out of life, then let me be your sugar mom. We can start on SATESPACE then WhatsApp.

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Transparent Man with Honest, Confidence about himself be Love and romantic. I live single ladies whatsapp numbers cape town south africa and am looking for …

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