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Rich Blesser Pretoria Sugar Mum Durban

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Body art of Single Lady Online

I don’t have any type of body art except for piercings. I got piercings only in my ears and nose but never the tongue o anything else. Growing up in a traditional family, I never got a chance to do all the weird tattooing stuff. Free online dating sites like SATESPACE will allow you to see sugar moms like me for who they really are.

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Hobbies of a therapist

I am not a millionaire et so I still work hard. I am sure I will be a millionaire within the next two months because I am close so right now I don’t have any hobbies except grinding. I work extra hard all day and I only party and drink on weekends. Hustling is my hobby. As your sugar mom, I will introduce you to knew hustles so you can be rich too.

Here is what I like about being a therapist

I like helping people. Like couples come with their problems and present them to me then I end up giving the lifelong solutions which eliminates all the tension between them. Being a therapist also made me this rich and I love it because of that.

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