44 Ellen Single Lady With Multiple Companies – Needs a 35 and Below Boy To date

Sugar Mum Jo burg

I love the fact that I am Single Lady and Searching

Being Single lady is hard daily and I actually think that my naughtiness gave me that money. I am wild and freaky because my mom was just the same during this age of her life. I don’t want to surprise you but that’s just the truth.

I am freaky and I prefer freaky men too.

I am a Single lady  and freaky. On my lone days, I like to do naughty things like randomly posting adult pictures on Facebook then deleting my account before Facebook censors them. I have starred in many adult films but only as some sort of assistant and not really the main participant. Growing up, I have always wanted to have my hands in a lot of things and making sure I see things for myself. I feel good now though that I have seen it for myself how the real world looks like out there.

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As a freaky Single lady, I don’t like surprises

As A Single lady  I prefer that you always tell me what you are up to. As long as you are planning on surprising me or something like that, you might actually be planning your things wrong. I love surprises only if I have been given a hint in advance. This is one of the reasons why I never go on blind dates. Like what if I discover that my date doesn’t have a leg or maybe both his eyes?

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Dating sites are my favorite all the time

I love making love online instead of us wasting money travelling all the time. Of course we will travel and meet here and there but that’s not supposed to be so important right. I will meet and love you but not out of some sort of obligation and we won’t do this on a daily basis. We will do WhatsApp video calls and keep things that ay for a while.

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