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My name is Theresa the Single lady and I am twenty seven years old. I am not from this country yet I’m working as a waitress .Pretoria is where I’m currently staying alone. As I am working, l do side hustles doing a part time job which is helping me to cover up my expenses and also have some extra money. I have my own car and my own house.

After coming back from work, I will be so lonely and bored that’s why I’m out here looking for love. My friends goes out with their partners and I’ll be left home alone and it bores me. We rent at the same apartment with my friends.

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I want a man who is financially stable and who is able to take care of him and me too. He shouldn’t exceed forty years. Someone who can spoil me and take out on dates. Someone who is also single and will to spend on me. You should also treat me with respect and I’ll return the favour .Attention and time is another thing that I want from you. You should be residing here in Pretoria too so than I will be able to see you after work and sometimes coming at your house.

More About Best Single lady

What I offer:

My first offer is my genuine and unconditional love. Give you so much respect as my man and all my time and attention will be yours. Willing to support you in everything you do. You will have access to everything I own. Worry not because ill also cover your expenses.

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My direct Whatsapp Number Is ++27 81 845 9342
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