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I am a crazy rich you Sugar Mama

Welcome to the home of a Sugar Mama, I have everything I want. After becoming an entrepreneur as a young teenage girl, I started working on a lot of things that include affiliate marketing and now I am in a place where no one can touch me. I love that I do and I am always smiling because the money keeps coming. Combined with online dating on SATESPACE, I would say my life is just fine.

I am a party animal

Honesty, I am not the church girl type, I would really love to be one but it’s just not who I am and I can’t spend my whole life telling this to people. Every night, I go out and have fun if I am not so busy. Be it as it maybe, I don’t actually like crowded places per se but maybe those fancy expensive places where you don’t just meet random broke people. Being robbed is my worst fear.

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Why I became a Sugar Mama this young

After my divorce, I realized that most men can’t be trusted so marriages just ain’t my thing. My family members are always trying to convince me to get married but my mind is on a completely different path. Right now, I can’t handle the smell of a husband around me. If someone really wants to marry me, they should just give up because that won’t happen.  So being a Sugar Mama was the best option for me.

Body art

The painful truth is that I regret most of my tattoos except maybe the one I put in dedication to my mother. All this time, I have been writing tattoos on me and what I can do is piercings. You can print on me all you like but piercings just aren’t my style. I have no idea how people get those nose rings because it freaks me out so hardly that I can’t even imagine that right now.

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