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I am Camilla but my SATESPACE name is Kiamila. I am here because I am rich and the best way to spend my money is to find someone who wants to spend it with me. This is my first time to be a sugar mom to be honest. I had a divorce early this year and I have been talking time to recover. I am rich and I like traveling. If you also like traveling then I guess we are both just lucky.   If you want to find the right me on SATESPACE, use the name Kiamila not Camilla. It’s how I differentiate the right men from players.

I can’t wait to talk to you. It’s my first time joining SATESPACE and I’m not even talking to anyone yet. I decided long back that I was only going to talk to the man I’d have chosen myself. I don’t like people just talking to me because what if they only want to rob me.

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After I have written this, I will be replying to massages now. I will know that the person who gets to me will have came from here is you text me the words “Hey Camilla”. Don’t waste time, join SATESPACE and text me. My expectations are written below:

I like tall men: By tall I just mean someone who is taller than me. I can’t really say you have to the tallest man for you to date me, just be tall enough to make me protected around you and we have ourselves a deal. Tall men get me in the right mood.

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I Only date the legal age: I don’t like getting sued for dating a young boy under the age of eighteen. If you want me as your sugar mom, please turn 18 first then join SATESPACE and Text me.

Communicate with me.

Don’t waste time reading through everything. Join SATESPACE and upload a few pictures of yourself. After uploading something, please look for me using my SATESPACE username and text me “Hi Camilla” . You can even just write this in the comments. Click the button below to start signing up:

You Need to Join SATESPACE so that You Can meet Sugar Mama –

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Thank you For Joining SATESPACE Please Make Sure You Post your Profile Pictures

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My direct Whatsapp Number Is ++27 81 845 9342

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