Annah(36), Bloemfontein- You want money? Let me be your sugar mom for just a few months. My details are available on SATESPACE including my WhatsApp number.

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Try me.

You might be lucky. Just got my SATESPACE and see how it goes for yourself. The good thing is I’m not a stingy woman and I would spend thousands on you. Don’t hesitate to initiate communication. I have already done my part but working this here. If this all goes right, your next few months will be your happiest. You won’t remember how miserable your life was before I came around.

A few considerations:

Are you opening enough: Before we go any further, just make sure you are old enough. For me, I can’t go out with someone younger than sixteen. You are too young to be holding millions. It’s just too much money for you. On the other h hand, if you are above that, them to your luck now.

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You like sports?: I’m so much into basketball and soccer that I can’t even more watching a game. I want you to be a sports lover do we can have some sort of common ground. We will visit every stadium where the games are being played. We will watch every game and have fun. Right till we die, that will be our new motto.

I love tall men. I hope you are tall and dark. That’s the most important thing I look for in every man. Other things matter to be but not as much as this one. You should be taller than me and relatively darker than me too. It’s not today difficult to be taller than me. This is because I’m short and also super light skinned.

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If your want money, I’m the right Sugar mom to be talking to right now. Just a few months and the streets will know you.

Communicate with me here.

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The WHatsapp Number is +27 83 564 879 33

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