Bonita, 35, Durban-I only give my WhatsApp number on SATESPACE for security as a sugar mom.

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I am extremely careful about who I give my WhatsApp number because I have been robbed before. I don’t like sharing my number when just anyone but only that man who shows me that he deserves it.

This is only seen through joining SATESPACE and being one of the first ones to text me. You can click the SATESPACE right now and sign up on SATESPACE before I go with someone else. When it comes to dating, time really matters.

Below are a few qualities that I expect I’m my man:

I want a man who is chilled: I would never like a boyfriend who is so rushy and doesn’t know how to keep his head I’m order. With me, you have to be chilled and cool. When we travel to do our business meetings, you have to maintain that cool you know.

Confidence is the key to winning me: I would really do good with a confident dude. When you walk into a room, people should really feel you. When we do our WhatsApp video call, I will be checking if you are not that shy type. I will only meet you if you are confident enough to deserve me.

I like guys who are honest: If this is going to work, you should really learn to be honest with me. I expect you to tell me the truth all the time. Lying just isn’t a good way to go. When I ask you a question, you should be able to tell me the truth no matter how difficult it all seems at that moment.

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