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Hie there, if you are serious with getting a Cute big lady then try me. My name is Beauty Mahlangu and I am thirty three year old single mother. I reside in Pietermaritzburg and I go to work here too. However l am a CEO of a certain big company although I have other source of income. I run another businesses on the side and hoping to expand to other cities too.

Furthermore I am someone who has a shared passion, hoping to share with you. Whether your passion is crocheting, photography or whatever. You can call me jack of all trades, I will fit in somehow. Finding someone online who shares the same passion with you is good. It is all but a guarantee that you will have the same hobby which will be fun.

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What type of a man a Cute big lady is looking for

The Cute big lady is looking for a gentle man of any age that ranges from thirty to my age will be perfect to me. I want an intelligent man who will give me more business ideas and also a good decision maker. Someone who will accept that things will not always go his way.

I am seeking for love from any part of South Africa as long as will meet. Please no games or scams, serious person only. A man who is loving, caring, faithful, honest, gentle, nice and kind. Also someone who is God fearing and doesn’t take advantage of my good nature.

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Therefore here is your only chance to get a woman that is true. l assure you that I will love  you forever and protect you as my man.  More so l will be your best friend for good. Also l will respect you as my man. As a good wife l will be very honest completely.

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