Elizabeth, 39, Durban- You can be a millionaire in a year by making me your favourite sugar mama. Text me on SATESPACE if you want a Whatsapp video call.

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My name is Elizabeth but people call me Lizzy. I don’t know it’s like that but since high school people always chose that nickname. I don’t mind if you call me the same though, we can call each other whatever we want because we are about to become a couple. If you are really sure that you want to be rich then I can promise you that you are almost there. It’s what I am here for, I want you to use this opportunity to get to your dreams quick.

You won’t regret being with me. In fact, you will wake up every day celebrating because I will give you all you require. This involves financial help and emotional help. You will never know what poverty smells like ever again.

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I want you to be my man, and I want you to be the man of the house. You will be in charge of everything I own and it will be ours now. We are going to share property so that you can be rich like me too.

I wanna make you a millionaire: You deserve the millions. I have helped many people to make it in life so why not you. I want you to be a millionaire within just one year of being with me. You will surprise your whole village.

I wanna make you someone special: This is going to be so unfortunate for all those haters who used to look down upon you. They wont know how to react as they see you rise above the ground. I want you to wear the latest clothes and drive the latest cars so you can put them to shame. You deserve all of it.

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