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Hi there, I am a Single Mum Online called Leah and I live in Cape Town. I am thirty years of age. Furthermore, school always kept me busy but now I am done with my school. Therefore marriage was not a rush for me.

Relating to the above mentioned, I want a man to date. A serious man to be specific. Moreover, a man from Capetown too. However I chose that location because that’s where I live and stay. This is also because I can’t stand distance relationships when it’s serious. I am Serious Single Mum Online

The type of man I am looking for as a Single Mum Online

I want a man whose age ranges from thirty to thirty-five years old. A man who is willing to wed with me anytime soon. This is because I feel I am already behind time. Because of the rush, I will help with the wedding expenses. Furthermore I don’t mind what amount of money you are earning, love is all I want.

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Furthermore I want a man who has an ambition. Because a man who has an ambition is one who is smart, focused and driven. All of those qualities that are considered a huge plus for a potential partner to have. Therefore I am very much attracted to that.

 What Single Mum Online offers to any man Who loves Her

However you better best believe it, I want a pretty single mum who is family oriented. Just like being ambitious, having the desire to take care of one’s family. Therefore I don’t mind if you have a child. Furthermore I can translate to kindness, love and reliability. Wouldn’t you want that from your date?

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 How to contact me

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