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I am a well-financed Single Lady Looking for Man

Unlike most of these people you see around here, I am a well-financed Single Lady Looking for Manwho has everything well figured out. I am nit going to tell you exactly about my net worthy but just know that I am way above the millionaire class because I make more than just a million annually.

My Physical appearance says it all

I got dark African curlish hair which actually gets nappy sometimes. I am a dime for sure because none of the women here can match my body type. Because I have been eating healthy and taking vegies every morning. My wide are not as wide because I have always wanted them to be proportional to my body.

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 As a Single Lady Looking for Man, this is my dream relationship

As we all know, us sugar mommas are all about just the fun and making people rich in return of their love. If you want to be my Ben 10, it all comes without a price. I will be your woman and I will pay you for that. Going out is my daily habit and I also happen to be a heavy drinker especially when I am stressed out. I only drink expensive though and I can’t wait for you to join me on this.

This is the kind of Ben 10 every single lady wants:

CLEAN: I want a Ben 10 who is neat and know how to look good 24/7. As my man, I want you to maintain that clean body all the time and keep me attracted to you. I will love you forever.

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MATURE: Remember you are already dealing with a woman who is older than you. This means maturity can also be an issue here. I want you to be mature enough and treat me like the woman I am too. Love costs nothing my man.


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