Hellen, 37, Bloemfontein-There’s enough room for your and me here, I’m ready to be your sugar mom. Text me in SATESPACE if your want WhatsApp video calls.

Rich Blesser

I’m serious about this and I’m not messing around. We could start our relationship today and we will tell people how this all started when you reading this. I’m searching for a man and the chances are that the first person who texts me is the person I’m going out with. I want you to be the first one to text me among all the guys who are going to read this. By the time they read this, I will be gone when you already and it won’t work for them. Be quick to text me on SATESPACE.

There’s room for two in my Mansion, swimming pool, personal cinema and everywhere else. I really wish you could text me right now. We are running out of things and you have to make a move now because I have already made mine.

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If you really want me, I know you will text me on SATESPACE as soon as you are done reading this. I write this for you and it’s how we are going to meet each other. There’s so much in this for you. Read below:

You will own one of my companies: I can’t manage them all alone and I hope you will help me when this. I will put you in charge of one of my most expensive companies and you will be the new CEO. You will arrange and have meetings even win I’m not around. I don’t care about your education because it doesn’t matter here, your will let accountants do everything for you.

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I would be happy if you text me on SATESPACE. I will give you my WhatsApp number right away. I can’t give it to you here because I won’t even if you are serious. If you text me on SATESPACE and you have good pictures of yourself there, I will reply real soon. To see this for yourself, use the button below to register and text me:                                             

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