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With me, it’s all about the fun. I just want the fun and I just can’t give my attention to anything else. I own so many expensive nite clubs in this city and I am doing this just to let other people have fun. On the other hand, it’s actually a reliable source of money for me and I’m enjoying the bag. If we get into a relationship you will get your share of the money too and I’m talking loads.

Besides the clubs and all, I own hotels in the Nothern Cape. My name is not known around these places because I prefer to say private, it’s safe. I also own so many houses and we will just choose which one we want to stay in and have fun. You and I we will sit down and plan to make money together. After making the money, we will use it to have fun. I already have much, I just wanna get you involved.

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I will be sending you money Everytime you want it


You will get a well paying job from me and my colleagues


Perhaps even more than one


I want you to drive the fastest

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