Fair Sugar mum, Yoliswa (35), Bloemfontein- I can sponsor you for a lifetime if we you chat with me on SATESPACE.

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My generosity makes me the best fair sugar mum

Firstly as a fair sugar mum I want a man that I can give everything including I myself. Generosity is my weakness and I am going to sponsor every part of your life like I PROMISED. As of now, seeing you happy is my primary goal and I just hope you are willing to keep that smile on your face by doing the proper things like texting me. If you really want to talk, please come SATESPACE inbox right now.

My personality

I am a well behaved kind of sugar mom who has a high level of discipline. Talking about my personality, I have the capacity to tolerate everything except likes. I love to laugh, I love to out and I definitely love to have fun. Emotions are not usually a part of my day because I prefer to take most things passively without personalizing them.

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As a fair sugar mum, I got the following body type

Wide hips: I think they just come with age because there is a time when I didn’t have them. When you look at my pictures on SATESPACE, my hips are definitely the first thing you will notice and everything else will come last. I do squats, yes, but I would still have the hips even if I didn’t do them.

Slim upper body: My upper body is slim. I have been dieting myself up and the body is my proof. My tummy is flat and I don’t have those thick hands covered in fat. I have also been taking slim tea which helps me come up with this kind of skin.

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My favorite dress code isn’t that of a sugar mom

I am a Fair Sugar mum, but I don’t dress like one. I always present myself like any other person because some things are just not meant to be known. I want you to tell me what you think on SATESPACE by clicking the below button and creating an account:

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