Nandi, 37, Pretoria-I only date younger guys, contact me on SATESPACE if you want a beautiful sugar mom. WhatsApp number guaranteed.

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I am a serious woman and I am very strict sometimes. When you see me doing something for a big deal of time it means I am really into it. I take SATESPACE seriously and I love spending much of my time there because there are younger interesting men who keep joining and throwing me compliments. However, I don’t think I can pick any of them for a date.

Their messages to me are not really charming enough and something lacks in them. What turns me off the most so that when I visit their profiles I don’t see any pictures, I love people who post, that’s how I know you’re real.

Join SATESPACE and show e something new. Prove to me that there can be different guy out there. I want you to look for me soon after joining SATESPACE and send me a message which will make me smile immediately. I swear I won’t hesitate to give you my WhatsApp number soon after.

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I know I said I only date younger man but if your STESPACE message is really sweet we can still make arrangements even when you are older than me. You can even talk me into marriage.

Let’s meet on SATESPACE and discuss way forward

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Rentals: I will help you cover your rentals. You can even come stay with me here if you want. It’s all just fine.

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Weekly money: I am willing to pay you whatever amount you request per every week. This is real, text me now.

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