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Rich Blesser

I am a beautiful lady that you are going to be so happy to meet. My real name isn’t Sandra but it’s what I use just for social media. I really don’t want to be known by someone I haven’t known first. You will see my pictures on SATESPACE and know how I look but you won’t really know my name until maybe we start talking on WhatsApp. If you are interested in me I know you will make this happen real quick. All I am waiting for is a message from you on SATESPACE so that I can reply with my WhatsApp number right away.

 I really just hope you are as serious as I am about this. We can arrange on where and when to meet on SATESPACE. Wherever you might be, I have enough money to get you from there to this city. We can also do things the other way, I can be the one to come that side and all you will have to do is welcome me. What I know is that you are going to like it here because my mansion is just nice for the both of us. I also have many security guards for our safety because we will be in possession of some good money.

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My expectations when it comes to dating include:

GOOD LOOKS- I hope you look good. Go look at my pictures on SATESPACE. Your looks should match mine so we can be a perfect match.

NEATNESS- Be neat too because that matters even more than looks sometimes. No woman on SATESPACE can resist a neat man who shaves his head frequently.

Let’s talk in private

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