Sharon (35), Bloemfontein-You wanna have the best out of life, then let me be your sugar mom. We can start on SATESPACE then WhatsApp.

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A few things you might need to know about me.

First of all I’m not short tempered like most women. I like to share jokes and listening to your stories all day long. It’s not that easy to get me bored because I’m a woman who can be entertained by anything. What makes me laugh the most are those old school movies though. I done most of my time watching these and I never get tired of them. When it comes to music, I like hip-hop music and some reggae. I don’t like the new amapiano vibe, no.

Interms of wealth and where I stand, I’d say I’m richer than most people here. There good thing is I walk the talk. I want you to video call me when you join SATESPACE and get my WhatsApp number. You will see how big my mansion is and the tiles is cars I have.

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I walk the talk. I want to prove to you that I’m the biggest fish you can catch things now and you shouldn’t let that opportunity slip away.

I don’t mind sharing what I own. I mean if you are interested, here’s what I don’t mind giving you:

  • Latest iPhone

If you want the latest one, you can just tell me after our first call and I will have it shipped right onto your doorstep. Join SATESPACE now and prove for yourself if I’m lying. I do as I say. If you like the fancy and classic lifestyle, I got you.

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  • Latest wheels

I have to buy you one of those latest fancy cars if you want. I don’t want you to drive an old car because that embarrasses me since I will be in the passenger seat sometimes.

I can give you my WhatsApp number right now on SATESPACE.

The first thinking you will do for us to talk is to join SATESPACE. After that you will search for me using my username and send me a message. I will reply to your message when my WhatsApp number. That’s definite. Here’s the button:


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