Stella, 40, East London- It’s not too late to contact me on SATESPACE. I’m not anyone’s sugar mum yet. I will give you my WhatsApp number.

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Most people just can’t believe it but honestly I’m pushing forty. I’m not lying about this. I know I look young and all but that’s only because I’m rich and my money takes care of my, not that I’m actually young. This seems confusing to you I know, but you will be even more confused when you see me in real life. I don’t even look half my age.

That’s the positive side of bend rich, the bad one being that you will have to many fake friends who are only there for the money.We could actually make some arrangements like right now. Like what to meet all that. I suggest you come to my mansion next Monday and we can even start a life together.

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I am not concerned with where you are or where you plan to live, I can just wire you enough money so you can come here. We will get rid of all that poverty you got. Most people won’t even know how you suddenly got your level so high. I who take you seriously if you join SATESPACE.

I wanna hear from you.

Let me hear from you right now, text me on SATESPACE and tell me what you think about us. I will be so glad to hear your opinion about us becoming a thing. Hit the button below to create an account on SATESPACE and text me:                                                            

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I have to set a few things clear for you:

I only date dark y’all guys- Well, even is you are not that tall, as long as you are dark, I think we can probably start from there. You will see that we are a perfect match if you join SATESPACE and look at my pictures. Make me yours right now, join SATESPACE.

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First of all, I don’t like being played- Only contact me if you are really sure you want this. I don’t want a situation where I send you money and you don’t come. That’s just not how this is gonna be for me and you. Be honest with me.

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