I am a best Johannesburg Single Ladies but I like spending my money as if there is no tomorrow. I need a Ben 10 who can join

Johannesburg Single Ladies, Virginia (37), and Gauteng- I just want to party and have fun spending with my darling.

Rich Blesser Pretoria Sugar Mum Durban

General Information about the Single Ladies

I am a best Johannesburg Single Ladies but I like spending my money as if there is no tomorrow. I need a Ben 10 who can join me in this because loneliness gets me feeling sad sometimes and I hate being sad. My Ben 10 will have me go through everyday happily. Back then, I used to abuse drugs but now I am always sobber except maybe when I take alcohol.

They call me a slay queen for a few reasons

I am light skin: People have a tendency of calling someone slay queen simply because she is light and fancy. For me, I ma hard to afford and I don’t just hang around with any guy, that’s probably why I ma still single up to now. My love, I am a diamond. Sign up on SATESPACE and see for yourself

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I dress code: The other reason I am considered a slayer is because I dress to slay for real. When you look at me, everything is original and there is no fakeness. I wear the real Gucci and not those fake ones from China. In the case that you really want hang around with me, make sure you are as real as I am.

My accent slays: As a Johannesburg Single LadiesI was born speaking English and Zulu. I speak both languages fluently and it just sets me apart. What gets me called a slay queen is my French accent though. Unlike most people, I also speak fluent French and so guys find that attractive. I am an exceptional lady who you won’t just find anywhere, believe me love.

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As a Johannesburg Single Ladies, playing around just isn’t one of my favorite’s chores though the day. If you are really serious about me, show it by signing up on SATESPACE. I AM REAL AND I Want YOU TO SEE THAT FOR YOURSELF. Use the button below to create an account on SATESPACE then text me. I will prove it to you:                                                 

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