Versha, 38, Port Elizabeth- You can date me temporarily if you are bored and broke. Make me your sugar mama by texting me on SATESPACE.

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 I will definitely give you my WhatsApp number.

How I look

I would describe my body type as thick. I am not fat but I am not skinny either. On the face, I look like an angel and you will fall in love. I am light skin and I have nice hair. I suggests you see this for yourself on SATESPACE. I have posted most of my full body pictures there and I am sure you will like them.

My past relationships

I have dated quite a number of guys actually. In fact, I got married once and that’s how I got my lovely daughter who is already begging to stay in her own apartment now. She is just turning 18 and she thinks the world is easy out there. I have dated men who didn’t know how to handle me and I could always end up leaving them. I can’t be taken for granted, I am special.

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What I think about relationships

I think relationships can be overrated sometimes. People think that their partner will take care of all their problems and they end up getting too de [pendant. On the other hand though, if you find someone who is willing to support you8 though it all, a relationship can be a blessing. Just not as much as people say it.

My aim with you

I am aiming for the top with my man. Once I get a man from here, I will make him smile all the time so he won’t be able to get over me. I already have so much money to invest in this relationship. My goal is to introduce you to my friends and family so they can give us their blessing. I also want to make you just as rich as I am. This always works for me.

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